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Free 70 page Web Personalisation ebook

Personalisation ebook 2016

transform the customer experience with personalisation

Web personalisation is about making your website behave more like a person – or a team of highly efficient people. Imagine if your website behaved like a concierge at a top hotel, anticipating and fulfilling each customer’s whim. People would come back. They would feel valued - loved, even. And the more they came back, the stronger the relationship would grow...

In this practical guide, we’ll explain exactly what web personalisation is, how it can benefit your organisation, and what you need to do to achieve it.

This how-to guide will teach you:

  • What personalisation really means
  • Easy steps to understanding your customers
  • The ROI Principle: Remember, Observe, Imagine
  • Quick & easy ways to improve your customers' journey
  • How to choose the right technology for your organisation

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