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digital measurement framework 

Find out how to build a measurement framework to measure your digital performance. 

DMF Guide

Discover how to define & measure your website's performance to provide purpose & direction for your digital strategy

A Digital Measurement Framework (DMF) outlines how a company measures website performance, highlighting the most relevant KPIs, goals and targets.

Establishing a robust DMF provides purpose and direction, aligning all members of senior management to focus their attention on the numbers that matter.

Furthermore, your DMF should also provide the foundation of your analytics set up, determining which goals/events need creating, andoutlining what reports you’ll need to create and distribute.

Download your handy guide to creating your own Digital Measurement Framework today.

This guide will teach you:

  • What a DMF is and how it should be used
  • How to identify your goals, KPIs and targets
  • How to segment the data
  • Advice for monitoring, reporting and updating
  • Includes a free downloadable DMF template

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